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I got my first cake decorating kit [ Martha Stewart’s] when I was in elementary school. I fell in love with that silver box filled with pastry bags, uneven spatulas, and decorating tips. Fast forward a decade or so, and my passion is still within the kitchen.

I love cooking. I  love (pretending that I am good at) baking. I hate measuring and being exact, therefore I believe that a great frosting can cover up for an average cake. I am a self-proclaimed Kitchen Gadget Queen. It takes me an extremely long time to grocery shop. I look at everything.

I am Italian and I am in love with everything that is Italian cooking and culture. I feel like most Italians are like that, which says something though, right? Expect to see many recipes that reflect my heritage.

I appreciate wholesome, good food, I adore champagne, and I believe all things decadent in life are okay necessary in moderation.

My kitchen is My Happy Place– even when I royally screw up something simple like a birthday cake. I promise that my recipes are simple. I like to make things that don’t require a zillion ingredients or a pinch of something that you will never use again.

If you don’t currently cook or bake- I encourage you to try out my recipes! Cooking and baking brings me so much happiness, especially when I am doing it for someone that I love. Hopefully my recipes, rants, and reviews will inspire you to try something new and get adventurous in the kitchen. Let’s cook together sometime soon!



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