A Year In Review: Recipe Box Calendars

Facebook did a great thing this year: 2012 Yearly Reviews

“A look at your 20 biggest moments from the year including life events, highlighted posts and your popular stories”.

I’m not sure how these turned out for everyone else- but for an “avid Facebook-er” like myself- mine was surprisingly pretty spot on and so fun to read. It made me think- how on Earth would I know what the heck I’ve done in the past few years if it weren’t for this not-so-humble social networking site keeping track of my every move and mupload [mobile upload].


2012 was a beyond crazy, amazing year. I traveled to Florida, the Bahamas, San Antonio, Vegas, and many times to New York.I started a nonprofit program benefitting young adult cancer in Pittsburgh. I picked up kickboxing, yoga, and crossfit. I met John Mayer. I pathetically cried after meeting John Mayer. I somehow survived my best friend moving away. I realized that you can still be best friends with someone who lives in another city.

I drank a ton of red wine. I started living with guys. Not one or two but three guys. I played on a kickball team with my roomies. I flew in a helicopter with my big brother as my pilot. I quit my job. I thrillingly accepted a new one. I had my heart broken. I cleaned, stuffed, and cooked a delicious turkey for the first time. I ran my first, second, and third race. I signed up for my first half marathon in 2013. I cooked. I worked my 44th Steelers game at Heinz Field in four years with people who are more like family than coworkers. I cooked some more. I started my very own food blog. I realized how much I love to write. I loved 2012.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look back at my Facebook to remember some of this stuff. How did I used to do it- you know, like before the internet. Was there ever really such a time? I actually used to write my emotions and daily happenings into a multitude of journals and notebooks hoarded in my room. In 2013, I want to make an effort to write down daily happenings. You never know when you are making a memory- you never realize how easily you can forget the small things that made you happy or sad or challenged you from day to day. Small things that never made a status update or a 140-character tweet. These are all important. Write them down.

Write them down in these adorable Recipe Box Calendars that I made for my mother, sister in law, and myself for Christmas. I would have loved to share these with you sooner- but they were Christmas gifts for these important women in my life who read my blog and I love them for that among many other things.. [HI MOM HI JENN!]

photo 5

Recipe Box Calendars

I ordered a set of these simple boxes online [ come in a set of three], but you could easily use any recipe box. I found some adorable vintage ones on Etsy!

photo 3

I painted them with pretty sparkly colors. I tied bows around them.

I stamped the dates onto each card. Yes, this takes time. But no more time than and it would take you to go to the mall and settle for a less than thoughtful gift card.

photo 4

You also might get a little inky. That’s okay. It comes off.

photo 2

File all of your dated cards in the box. I plan on writing quick notes for each day and using them for multiple years so I can easily see what happened in years prior:

January 1

  • 2013- 
  • 2014 –

photo 5

You get it, right?

And that, my friends, is the best way to see your Year in Review.


Have you left a comment on my BBQ Sauce post yet? I’ll pick a reader on New Years Eve that will receive a free sampler pack of Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup! Get to it!

6 responses to “A Year In Review: Recipe Box Calendars

  1. Fe!!
    I’m obsessed with your blog! Here is yet another talent to add to your long list!! I plan on seeing you much more in 2013 🙂 Love and miss you!!

  2. Will you quit with the tear jerkers!!! Such a creative idea I love it! 2012 was so fun and I’m looking forward o making many many unforgettable mems in 2013!!! Xoxoxoxoxxxxx

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