[I Love] Friday II

I had a wonderful reader response to last week’s [I Love] Friday’s post. I also highly enjoyed putting it together.  Let’s make it a “thing” for a while, shall we?

Click the link to visit the video/ picture/ article’s original source!

[I Love] this tribute. It’s available on Itunes with all proceeds benefiting Newtown, CT.

Many of these students are survivors from the school. It’s a beautiful way to remember those precious lives lost in such a senseless crime.


[I Love] this conversion chart using Chobani. I’m a Chobani Maniac.


I have not tried all of these substitutions- but I have used Chobani in place of sour cream/ mayo many times. Mix in condiments like hot sauce or dry ranch seasoning for low fat and flavorful alternatives!


I Love blood oranges. I’m obsessed with them actually. I also love margaritas. Therefore, I Love blood orange margaritas.


Ohmygoodness. Freshly squeezed blood orange juice, tequila, triple sec, and agave. NEED, now.


I Love this melon cutting demo. 


I pride myself in my abilities to break down a pineapple in thirty seconds flat. Maybe I’ll show you how I do that someday.


I Love this use of empty wine bottles. Lord knows I have ’em.


Everyone has fancy containers and display cases for their wine and champagne corks — why not support their counterpart? I think this would be great with all color bottles as well.


I Love this blog. And I Love the idea of making your own soft pretzels.


Sally, the writer, is such a sweetheart. She dedicated a post to all of her readers and requested to use  a picture of my mini- nutella pumpkin pies [ a version of her own recipe!] within the post. Be sure to check out her delicious recipes!


I Love this idea. Flex your resistance muscles with this tactic.


Summer bodies are made in winter months. Remember that. So simple, so true.


[I Love] this use of Wonton Wrappers


I have a package of wonton wrappers in my fridge just waiting to get used. Homemade pizza pockets sound like the perfect way to give a little pizazz to the wontons! Hello weekend appetizers!


[I Love] reading The Thought Catalog and this article  “8 Ways to Take Care of Yourself” just makes me happy.


‘I don’t care how little money you are making — you dig around in your couch cushions until you find enough change to get yourself that bottle of sparkly nail polish’


Happy Friday, my friends. Xoxo

7 responses to “[I Love] Friday II

  1. thank you for the thoughtful linkback to my pretzel and my website. 🙂 it means a lot to me and i’m so glad i was able to use your nutella pumpkin pies in my dedication post. 🙂 summer bodies made in winter months – i seriously LOVE that. so true.

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