I Love Fridays VIII

So I read this amazing quote from an article on The Thought Catalog this week that literally made me so unbelievably happy.

When we focus on the love we have — the love for friends, the love for family, the love for our neighborhood — everything seems brighter. Everything is more in focus, tastes better, sounds more pleasant. It’s like when you’ve lived in a city so long that you’ve completely forgotten all the beautiful monuments and awesome restaurants which are right within walking distance of your place. Then a friend comes along and you show them around, noticing as you go how wonderful everything is, and how easily you forget it. All it takes is focusing on one bit of love in your life and you’ll realize just how surrounded by it you are.

How. Absolutely. True. Focus on the love, things, friends, possessions, etc that you have today, not those that you wish for tomorrow.

I’m hoping you Love the above quote, as well as the rest of todays I Love Fridays post!

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I Love Random Ingredient Pizza


Kale pesto? On a Pizza! I love! I’m envisioning using brussels sprouts someway as well…. I just had one of those enlightening moments, please continue on without me…


I Love Ricotta Pancakes


I once got pancakes like these at The Cheesecake Factory, and I absolutely adored them. I can’t wait to try this recipe out!


I Love Reese Witherspoon’s Style

1449c0832e9a9e64_Reese-Witherspoon e8f7bd4b6de61956de117a2e32246d75

I am by no means any definition of a fashionista or even close to it for that matter. Today, in example, I wore yoga pants and a quarter zip sweatshirt to work with my black Nikes. Umm I heard that style was coming in this spring? I’m just probably way ahead of you. In any case, when I do pull myself together, I feel like Reese’s style is something that I look to for inspiration. Everything she puts on is so wearable for the everyday gal… and she never looks like a hot mess. Love her.


I Love Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter


If you’ve never tried it, I suggest that you do. Now. If the store isn’t open yet, just wait for it to be. This stuff is crazy good. I actually had to stop buying it because I was ummm eating, all of it. If you are already a fan of Speculoos, I’ve found a fun recipe as to how you can make your own!


I Love This Arm + Ab workout


I’ve done this a few times lately and love the mix of arm work plus abdominals. Try it out at the gym today!


I Love Tofu


Okay that statement might be a bit of a stretch. I don’t think anyone really loves tofu — it is really all about how you prepare it. I am working on a few recipes that I hope will expand your tofu horizons, but in the meantime I hope to introduce you to how versatile it is: case in point- tofu burrito!


I Love These Pictures of Cookies


If you don’t like looking at pictures of delicious cookies, then we cannot be friends and that’s it.

I Love this Hair Trickprettygossip-no-heat-waves

I imagine this ending in a Pinterest nightmare, but I currently have a wand that I use on my hair to achieve this type of curls. If I could surpass fully drying and curling with this shortcut- it would be a dream come true! Has anyone tried it?


I Love Health Food Related Lists on the Internet 


I can read the same article 10 times on the internet posting the health benefits of avocados and dark chocolate and I just would not get bored. Put a list together about it, and BINGO, I’m all over it. And obviously if Dr. Oz said it, it’s true.


I Love Salmon


I actually forgot I loved salmon. I did not forget how easy it is to make salmon. Here’s a perfect recipe for you!


I Love Risotto 


Risotto, my friends, is a food we can label as a Labor of Love. This stuff takes patience. Seriously, learn to make it correctly. You will impress the heck out of your significant other. Or just make a batch for yourself and eat it with your special wooden risotto spoon, right out of the pan, because its that damn good. I’ve done it both ways and have been equally satisfied.


I Love Oatmeal Creme Pies


I swear, Sally and I are always on the same wavelength. I recently purchased a homemade oatmeal creme pie from a local coffee shop around the corner and it was possibly the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve been dying to make my own.


I Love Kale Salads


Just trust me on the kale, okay?


Happy weekend! Hope it at least feels like spring, wherever you are! xo

8 responses to “I Love Fridays VIII

  1. Cookie butter is addictive. Can’t wait to try Averie’s homemade version, love her!

    You are right, Reese is always so put together. She’s adorbs.

    I make a pesto artichoke pizza at least once a month that is amazing! I’ll have to try kale, since well, I ❤ kale too. I've been eating kale chips like no ones biz lately.

    Hope you have a great Friday, Nat!

  2. I love Reese’s style too. She is always so put together! And Averi’e cookie butter looks amazing. And thanks for linking to my oatmeal creme pies girl! 🙂

    • of course! they look amazing! i think i am going to try out your mocha oatmeal/granola this wknd- i love those chocolate covered espresso beans from TJs!

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