Weekend Out West

My long Easter weekend.

photo 1

Friday afternoon lighting. Pink tulips. This picture relaxes me.

photo 2

Salmon + asparagus. On the grill. Smells like summer.

photo 4

My brother and his wife, Jenn, so fortunately live this close to Mt. Rainier in Washington. What a sunset view.


And considering the fact  that they are three hours behind us here on the East Coast- My body woke me up at dawn to catch this beautiful Mt. Rainier sunrise. Equally as jaw dropping. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pronouncing it Mt. Rainy-er for the better part of the weekend. It’s Rain-eer, Natalie.

DSCN0868Washington State is full of breathtaking views. I spy my brother and his puppy!


Seven Deadly Zins. Just buy a bottle for fun one time, okay?

DSCN0893The Public Market in Seattle is very much like the Strip District in Pittsburgh. I felt right at home.

DSCN0887So i get the whole “throw a coin into the Trevi” when you are in Rome idea, and the whole bridge of locks when you are in love in Paris, but…. The Gum Wall in Seattle …..just doesn’t add up for me.

photo 5I contributed, anyway. I mean, when in Rome Seattle!

DSCN0895For me? You are too kind!



And me, in front of one of my foodie destinations.


The feast on Easter Sunday: Breaded pork chops, Italian Broccoli Raab, mashed potatoes, salad, and wine. Mangia!

What is better  than spending time, preparing and sharing a meal with people that you adore? Nothing, in my opinion. It’s why I love to cook. It’s how I love to bring my family together. I had a lovely weekend, and I hope that you did, too. Happy Easter Season, my friends.

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