What to do with your leftover Chinese food.

You know what I love/ hate about Chinese delivery food?

photo 1

I love that its about the easiest food on the planet to get delivered to your home at practically any time. In my opinion, it is an “I’m feeling lazy on a Sunday night/ I’ve been in bed all day thanks to an aggressive New Years Eve celebration” type of food.  Agree? I also love that it is delicious.

I hate that it comes in mass portion sizes therefore leading to food comas induced by overeating and/or leftovers for the next day that are no where near as tasty. It is not a food that gets better as it sits. Instead, it scoffs at your from the back of the fridge reminding you of your time of weekend weakness as you eat kale and brussels sprouts throughout the healthy days of the week. I guess I could throw away the leftovers- but who wants to waste food? Not me!

Spruce up your day old half carton of brown rice and leftover Salt & Pepper Shrimp. Here’s how:

Fake Fried Rice –  Leftover Chinese Remake

photo 2

You probably ate all the good veggies out of last nights meal- so chop up whatever extra veggies you have in the fridge. I steamed some broccoli, chopped up a handful of cherry tomatoes, and shredded some carrots. Dice up your shrimp [ or chicken or beef etc].

photo 3Heat up 1 tablespoon of oil and saute your beautiful vegetables until everything is slightly soft over high heat.

photo 1

Whisk two eggs in a bowl and pour over vegetables- cook the eggs until they are almost fully set.

photo 2

Add your half carton of day+ old brown [ or white] rice. Saute with the eggs and vegetables until heated through. I like to make everything a little crispy like they do at the steakhouses.

photo 3

I added the dice up shrimp last as I wanted to just heat it up rather than cook it any longer.

This makes two additional big servings and the options are really endless. Get creative!


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