[I Love] Fridays

I started blogging because I was borderline obsessed with reading other blogs, pinning recipes, and because I love to cook, obviously. All of these things are still true, and it does get a little overwhelming from time to time when you are looking for inspiration.

SO MANY RECIPES. SO MANY BLOGS. It’s a good [non]problem to have.

One of my favorite food writers, Iowa Girl Eats, does a fantastic job showcasing her “Friday Favorites” – It is probably my favorite post of the week, actually.  I’m hoping to emulate her style and occasionally use Friday posts as an outlet for things that I Love. All things. Of course my favorite food writers’ amazing and inspiring ideas, but not just food related things. Aside from what you might believe, I do have other aspects of my life. No, really… I do.

Anyway, let me know what you think, or comment with some random Loves of yours that I would be more than happy to share in the future. Happy Friday! Don’t you just Love this day of the week?

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Love these million ways to tie a scarf


And here I’ve been wearing my scarves one boring way this whole time. Who knew? I especially love the bow-tie. How cute.

Love these french fries


How Sweet Eats consistently blows my mind with outrageously delicious looking recipes. Sweet potato french fries are easily my favorite. Oh yeah, and she’s a Pittsburgh girl, too! Instantly have to Double Love that.

Love this movie


I’ve loved Marilyn Monroe since High School. I wrote a paper about her in the eleventh grade [self chosen topic, obviously] and I became obsessed with her story. Her life, her tragic death… I felt as if I got to know her. It would literally make me mad every time I would see a girl quote her on their AIM Profiles. I was all like “You don’t even know her!” Then again my AIM screen name was backstreet_gurl_2000 or something along those lines, but that’s a whole different story. Moving right along…

Love this green smoothie tip


In case you missed my green smoothie blog post from Monday- here is where I found my favorite tip of the year! Okay I realize we are only eleven days in but I’m still super excited about this.

Love this Everyday Italian episode

I can vividly remember watching Giada DeLaurentiis for the first time on television. I was home sick from school and miserable on the couch. I watched this very episode,”Breakfast”, with my Mom that day. I wish I could tell you how I remembered this, but I do.

Love this new color


The name, “She’s Pampered” was the deciding factor when I was stuck between two colors at the store. [When] I get super rich someday I’m going to get a facial, manicure, and massage every week. Alright, alright… I know that’s annoying.

Every other week.

Love these s’mores cupcakes


I don’t know what it is with me, but I crave things in their inappropriate seasons. I could drink Starbuck’s skinny peppermint mochas all through July yet I could count on one hand how many times I had them during the holiday season. It’s now January and I’m craving campfires and s’mores.

“S’more of what? You’re killing me smalls!” Sorry, had to.

Love these bites for football watching 


I actually should have titled this “Would have loved these bites for football watching”. The Steelers are out. The Steelers didn’t make the playoffs. I no longer watch football. The end.

Hope you Love your Friday, too.


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