[I Love] Fridays IV

It’s Friday, Friiiiday! Here are things that I Love this week.

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I Love this appetizer.


Egg roll wrappers are  so versatile and fun to experiment with in the kitchen. Homemade mozzarella sticks for the Superbowl? Yes, please!



If you are into blogs whatsoever– you need to read Cupcakes & Cashmere. Period. She makes such simplistic style look absolutely fantastic, all time time. 


I Love these pink cookies.


But seriously, what isn’t better in pink?


I Love this abs workout


I’ve never had defined lower abs in my life. I’m sure my peanut butter addiction doesn’t help- but this workout series will!


I Love this table.


I’m pretty sure I could be convinced to buy wine by the crate in order to make this table. Twist my arm.


I Love this list of grocery tips.


So many tips and tricks to try here! Freezing fresh herbs in olive oil is such a genius idea!


I Love these “fries”


If I can turn avocados into fries why I can’t I do the same with green beans?!


I Love this short ribs recipe.


Short ribs are one of those foods that I just absolutely crave. YUM. And the use of the slow cooker makes it that much more appealing!


Don’t forget- I’ll be giving away jars of Peanut Butter & Co to a reader in next Wednesday’s post. I’ve received quite a few recipe suggestions but there is still time for you to send me yours!

  • Send me your favorite recipe that uses peanut butter– it can be your own or one you have found. 
  • Let me know which Peanut Butter & Co flavor you would incorporate into your recipe.
  • I will make my favorite entry and the winner will receive three jars of of their choice of Peanut Butter & Company!
  • Send to eggs.flour.oil@gmail.com, or leave a comment on this post. Good luck!

One response to “[I Love] Fridays IV

  1. That coffee table is GREAT! What an idea Lets make one! Then we can serve the cheesesticks with the wine we needed to buy.

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