[I Love] Fridays VI

Literally the fastest week, ever! My days all seem to blur into one big mess of go, go, GO! anymore. Better to be busy than bored, right?

I hope that all of you had a lovely week that flew by as well– in any case, kick your feet up and relax- it’s the freakin’ weekend! [well, almost]

Here’s some things that I loved this week. Click the link to view the original source!

I Love juicing

edIMG_7351.taller.words edit

I’ve become pseudo obsessed with juicing lately. My favorite combo is a simple carrot-apple-lemon, but I can’t wait to try these out!


I Love when HBO plays the same movies over and over for a few weeks.


I’ve watched Country Strong more times in the past two weeks than I think I’ve watched any movie, ever. [Okay i’m lying- Bridesmaids has it beat] I still don’t think I’ve seen it in entirety from start to finish. Garrett Hedlund- whoever you are, wherever you are…be mine.


I Love double duty meals


Energy PLUS nutritional value in a glass– yes please. I love protein shakes in the morning after a workout but I also need my coffee fix. Done & Done.


I Love this hilarious post about Pinterest.


I seriously was laughing out loud to so many of these. My best friend even called me cracking up about it. Seriously, if you’ve ever felt inspired by a cute cupcake or a fancy manicure on Pinterest and failed miserably…READ.


I Love fancying up my veggies


It’s clearly no secret that I love brussels sprouts. I can’t wait to make em’ all pretty and even tastier like this.


I Love this kitchen


Oh my gosh. I would literally never leave my kitchen if it looked like this. Well, maybe when the hired help arrived because you sure as hell know I couldn’t keep it that clean. [sorry i’m in my dream world right now- let me be]

I Love pretending that I follow any sort of dietary rules.


Today I’m “eating clean”. Tomorrow I’m eating chips. If you voluntarily follow dietary restrictions, I admire you. I still totally enjoy trying out vegan and paleo recipes– these look SO easy. and awesome.


I Love things that I can eat a lot of and not feel bad about.


So I’ve been dieting for an excruciating three days. Luckily for me I’ve been too busy to really notice that I miss peanut butter binges and things of that nature….but you bet when I get some time on my hands I’m going to whip up some of this.


I Love colored shorts


I bought a few pairs of these shorts last year in bright blue and red. I can’t wait to put them on for the first time this year. It was 21 degrees yesterday. For like the millionth time this month. I’m over it.


I Love Sarah Fit

I’ve learned many things from this blog in regard to health and fitness. I also made the protein pancake this past week that she mentions in the video- I suggest that you do as well!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

3 responses to “[I Love] Fridays VI

  1. I loooove that kitchen! I just sent a picture to Johnny of my dream kitchen yesterday and told him he HAS to build it for me as soon as we buy a house ❤

    Have a good Friday! 🙂

  2. I’ve made those brussel sprouts before (pic on facebook, I think?) and they are delicious! I never even knew I liked brussel sprouts until I tried them like that. I actually made a big batch for dinner one night this week, and ate the leftovers for lunch yesterday! You will love them!

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