Thin Mint Mini “Ice Cream” Sandwiches


It’s happened to the best of us.

You see that table nonchalantly sitting at the front of your grocery store. You see them standing there, smiling…waiting for you. You see those boxes stacked up high and proud- almost scoffing at your [lack of] efforts to dodge them by going in the side door. You know they are going to see you and utter those four powerful words.

Wanna buy some cookies?

And like Kryptonite to Superman, you become weak, and you crumble.

One box would certainly be sufficient- the Samoas, obviously. But oh yeah- give me the Thin Mints, too! Umm and the Tagalongs. That’s it though.

Wait- what’s this? A new flavor? MANGO Creme?!

Honey, can you get me a bag? Let me go get my car, actually. We’ll load everything in the trunk. Don’t let anyone take those- can we mark my name on them? Here’s my credit card.

And just like that, you’ve been had.

For a good cause though, right?

Fortunately, you can now make fun things with your abundance of Girl Scout Cookies. Sure you could practice responsible cookie eating tactics such as freezing them and releasing them sporadically throughout the year- or you can find ways to get through them faster— such as freezing them into mini sandwiches around some homemade sorbet.

Either way, totally up to you.

Thin Mint Mini “Ice Cream” Sandwiches

This is more or less what I would like to call a non-recipe.

Meaning: I didn’t measure anything, except for the number of cookies that I used.

photo 2

To make the soft serve, I blended about a cup of frozen mango chunks, half a frozen banana, and about a 1/4 of a cup of milk. Blend until you reach the consistency of a soft frozen sorbet. I then crushed up two thin mint cookies and mixed it into the soft serve. Yum.

photo 3

At this point, you have your own Thin Mint Blizzard! Oh, watch out Dairy Queen. There are so many ideas running through my head right now.

photo 5

I took it one step further by sandwiching the sorbet between two more Thin Mint cookies, wrapping them individually in plastic wrap, and freezing for at least an hour until they harden up.


You are welcome.


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