French Press Coffee


Happy Monday to you!

What’s your morning ritual? Are you a morning person? I am. I don’t know too many people like me, actually.  I love being up and doing things before anyone else. I love breakfast. I do not love feeling rushed in the early hours of the day. I love coffee. I need coffee.

Side story: last week at work- the Unthinkable happened. Our beloved one-cup coffee brewer decided to just… stop working. Without notice we were forced to fend for ourselves for caffeine, eventually turning to that old and impossibly inconvenient 12-cup- brewer- thing that had been collecting dust for quite some time. Horrific, right?

It got me thinking about how much those damn one-cup brewers have ruined many things that I love about a good coffee experience. While most Americans would more than likely prefer their coffee to be injected intravenously the moment their alarm goes off in the morning, I like to enjoy it; preferably in its proper cup, and  not on the go in my car held steady with a spill stopper.

Considering the fact that I am always up coffee2early: French Press Coffee is what I do at home. Sure it takes longer than a minute to make, [how dare it take so long!] but it’s a thousand million times better than any single-cup brew you will ever encounter. Really. This brewer ranks highly in my list of Favorite Kitchen Gadgets ( I need to do a post dedicated to all of them soon), and in fact- it’s my most used kitchen gadget.

The Grind

It all starts with getting good coffee beans. I almost always buy my coffee at Prestogeorge Coffee and Tea in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. They have so many bins of flavors to choose from- and they never oppose to making me annoying girly flavor mixes [Heath Bar made with Chocolate and Toffee…OMG, the smell is intoxicating]. I’ve also had Starbucks grind me up their Blonde blend as well– you just have to be sure to tell them that you would like the beans ground for a French Press [coarsely ground] coffee brewer. I know proper etiquette is to grind your beans right before making the coffee- but this is a beginners course, okay!

The Water

Next step- boil some filtered water. Well, heat it up to a point where it is almost boiling.

coffee3The French Press Prep

Pour 1 to 2 tablespoons of the coarsely ground coffee per 80z of water you will be using  into your French Press. Experiment with this. You’ll find what you like. When your water is ready, pour it over the coffee and give it a stir.  Place the lid onto the French Press with the filter raised to the top. Allow the coffee to steep for about 4 minutes.


The Press

When your coffee is done steeping- slowly and evenly press the filter down to the bottom. coffee4

The Good Coffee

Serve your coffee immediately.  Letting it sit too long in the press pot will cause it to continue to strengthen and become bitter. No one likes bitter coffee.

Sip, Savor, Enjoy.


Pretend you are drinking a midday espresso in Rome. I know that I will be doing just that…


[ The pictures above are of my best friend, Chelsea, and I when we traveled to Italy in college in 2008. Take me back!]

Con Amore,


5 responses to “French Press Coffee

  1. I do love French Press coffee. I have a French Press at home, but I’m guilty of the morning rush – there’s never time!

  2. I loveeee when you make me french press.. can you bring it with you this weekend?

    I can’t believe how cool and Euro chic we were circa 2008, its time to go back!

    Thanks for the shout out pooter 🙂


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