[I Love] Fridays III

Hey there Friday! I’m so happy to see you again. Here are things that [I Love] this week!

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I Love these No Bakes


What can I say? I’m burned from all of my epic baking failures. In my mind, if you don’t have to bake it– then you probably don’t have to be as exact with all of the ingredients.  Who has time for measuring?– YOLO, man.


I Love this healthy weeknight dinner recipe


In fact, I Love everything about my close friend Emily’s new blog, The Good Era. She’s the most adorable little married woman that I know. I can’t wait to try this Em!


I Love these peach jeans.


Is it Spring yet? Because I want to wear these. I’m tired of temperatures that require my electric blanket. Ahh, I could dedicate an entire post to my electric blanket.


I Love that hockey is back.

photo 1

I interned for the Penguins when I was in college in 2009, and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. For goodness sake, We Won The Cup. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that. The pictures are from a party at a local bar when the team returned home- with Stanley.


I Love this pizza.


I’ve been saying for weeks now that I want to make a homemade pizza. Seriously though this weekend… I Want To Make A Homemade Pizza.


I Love this wine pairing chart

My cousin Katie, my Aunt Susie, my mom, and I have an ongoing joke about wine pronunciations from a girls beach trip we took a few years back. Pee-knot New-arr. Shar-doanie. Saw-vig-none….yeah, okay you get it.


I Love this chips remake.


Give me a vegetable and let me roast the hell out of it into a chip. I’m all in.

Ummm how cool is this! You can make your own nail polish using an old eye shadow. Perfect use for a broken one, too!
Happy Weekend, friends!

5 responses to “[I Love] Fridays III

  1. I love The PENS PARTY PICTURES!! I was awakened at 2AM to see the originals !! AHH memories….. love you babe

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